Gulen Institute

"United Around High Human Values"

About Gulen

Our Mission

Established in October 2007, the Gülen Institute is a non-profit research organization dedicated to the promotion of peace and civic welfare. The Gülen Institute maintains an international focus that is unique in Houston, and our primary goal is to advance …

About Gulen Movement

About Gulen Movement

The Gulen Movement has developed into a global, faith-based social movement.  In conflict-ridden regions, such as the Philippines, Macedonia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Bosnia, hundreds of Gülen-inspired schools have become bastions of inter-religious and interethnic harmony, while relief …

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Address : 110HA Social Work Building. University of Houston 4800 Calhoun Rd.
Houston /TX

Our office is located in the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work Building, Room 417. 

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