Gulen Institute

"United Around High Human Values"
“I have a great admiration for Mr. Gülen, who like San Ignacio de Loyola and many others, shares my belief that the only way that we can reach happiness is by living for others.”
09 October 2011
Vicente Fox
55th President of Mexico

“I think it is extremely important for institutions like the Gülen Institute to bring people together and help them understand that we are all in the same boat. In today’s world, you cannot be secure at the other’s expense; you cannot be safe and prosperous at the other’s expense.”
12 April 2010
Kofi Annan
Secretary-General of the United Nations, 1997-2006

“Fethullah Gülen understood that communicating the word of God and living for others in the spirit of devotion, sacrifice, fidelity, and loyalty was clearly the right path to take.”
24 November 2009
Sheila J. Lee
Member of US Congress, 18th District of Texas

“In a world that lacks direction, there can be no doubt that a pathfinder is needed, and that role is unlikely to be filled by those who now challenge democratic values….It is much more likely to be found in the values that lie at the heart of the Gülen Institute: the commitment to international dialog, an understanding of cultural diversity, support for human justice, and the love of peace.”
03 December 2008
Madeleine Albright
64th US Secretary of State

“The problems of the world today would be easy to address if, on the global level, we could demonstrate respect for each other’s religious perspectives. It is in this project that the Gülen Institute and those who share in its vision of interfaith dialog provide truly valuable leadership.”
21 May 2008
James Baker
61st US Secretary of State